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There are 3 R’s in healthcare that every practice owner/manager better understand


What causes each of these to occur with consistency?

The Patient Experience

That’s right. The Patient Experience makes the biggest difference in determining whether a patient

And that is what causes you to be successful or not, both in the short and long term.

Your Patients, you and your staff deserve to find out how to provide an Excellent Patient Experience, and we have an option to fit your needs and budget. No matter how small or large the practice or clinic, we can provide the training and resources needed for you to fully integrate the principles of The Patient Experience. The best part, doctor, there is very little for you to have to do, other than decide that you want to provide your patients with an Excellent Patient Experience. If you really want to do it fully, you will choose the Practice Transformation; Vision to Reality Experience or you can buy our book for the staff and go it alone. It is up to you. Whatever you do, don’t delay. Each day you put this off is another day that you are not taking full advantage of how to get patients to Respond, Return & Refer.

Practices that embrace the principles of providing an Excellent Patient Experience have improved in both the short and long term. Some showing limited improvement of 10% growth and some have doubled. We guarantee your success as well. Select the program that you want, we will take it from there!

We know the value of great training. We also know the value of accountability as we move toward implementation. We take care of both - but in a very unique way. Our C4 Practice Services website has a client only side that allows us to provide unique customized training and assessment to staff, while monitoring all of the statistics that show us that the implementation is actually achieving the 3 R’s of healthcare. What does that mean for you? No costly travel in training staff. No down time out of production (if you have staff complete the training individually). Everything is done on your timeline. We assess staff and report back to you exactly how your staff is progressing and how the practice is responding. Bottom Line, we are effective!

We are absolutely and fully committed to our Vision of Happy Patients, Happy Doctor, Happy Staff. Let us show you how we do it! Call us to get started at 208-467-6545 or email by clicking here.

The Patient Experience; The Value of Vision
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