There are 3 R’s in healthcare that every practice owner/manager better


What causes each of these to occur with consistency?

Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting

Coaching you through the process of The Patient Experience, one program at a time.

We know the value of great training. We also know the value of accountability as we move toward implementation. We take care of both - but in a very unique and cost effective way. Our C4 Practice Services website has a client only side that allows us to provide unique training and assessment to individual staff members, while monitoring all of the statistics that show us that the implementation is actually achieving the 3 R’s of effective healthcare. We know how much it costs to take staff to a training, we do it! We know how much it costs to bring a speaker in, we do it!

We provide a way to bring the training to you, make it personal, and assess the learning and monitor the results.

What does that mean for you?

Chose one and get started today!

The New Patient Experience - knowing and doing the things that cause patients to return and refer. This turnkey process includes all of the training and structural processes that enable you and your staff to create and successfully implement The New Patient Experience within 90 days. Each of the seven training components are individually taught and assessed through our unique virtual training experience (all on the web), and then we work with key staff members through the implementation phase.

The Patient Advocate Process - what makes the experience have value to the practice is the acceptance of the ideal treatment recommendation of the doctor. The central principle of the Patient Advocate Process is that once doctor has diagnosed and treatment planned, it is the responsibility of the practice to insure that this patient is able to receive the ideal treatment. This is a 90 day implementation program that utilizes our unique individualized virtual training experience (all on the web), and then we work with key staff members through the implementation phase.

Digital Diagnosis - this is an integrated process between doctor, staff and patient that enhances the patient experience and provides a much greater way for the patient to have full compliance - moving the patient to full recovery. You can have this up and running within 30 days and immediately show an increase in case acceptance and higher case values. (There may be per exam room equipment costs associated with implementation depending on current configurations)

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