The Patient Experience

4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry

There are keys that unlock the secrets to creating Patient Loyalty…

Discover the Timeless Principles and Proven Process to Elevate Your Practice from “Good” to “Excellent”

“You deliver good service.” A decade ago, this was a compliment.

But now ... it’s a warning sign that your practice is in decline. Have you noticed a declining number of patients who show up for their re-care appointments?

Consumers view healthcare and dentistry as commodities. Technical skill used to be enough to earn patient loyalty. No longer. Consumers figure that every doctor or dentist is skilled.

What they expect is stellar service that makes them feel valued and respected. Service that makes them feel fantastic about picking your practice to trust. Service that makes patients feel excited and confident referring friends and family.

And if they’re turned off by any aspect of their experience with your practice – from how you talk to them, to how long they have to wait, right down to how attractive your waiting room looks, They’ll be gone in a flash without saying a word to you ... taking their business ($15,000 - $25,000 minimum over a lifetime of just one patient) to one of your competitors.

To thrive in this new market, you need to create an exceptional patient experience.

Experience is what creates patient loyalty. Experience is what generates referrals. Experience is what grows your practice revenue and profits, even when insurance companies continue to chip away at your reimbursements.

That’s why I wrote…

The Patient Experience

Hi, I’m Travis Frederickson, the founder and president of C4 Practice Services, a consulting firm focused on the Patient Experience for both dental and medical practices, and author of The Patient Experience: 4 Lessons from Disney® to Dentistry.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been teaching, writing, speaking and consulting with small businesses and government entities that want to increase profits, improve marketing results, and streamline business management. For the past decade, I’ve worked primarily within the dental and medical professions.

What I’ve witnessed (and verified with hours of intensive research, pouring over industry data and consulting with the top practices in the country) is that the quality of your patients’ experience is what makes – or breaks – their decision to return or refer ... and ultimately, your practice’s financial health.

The High Cost of Low Patient Loyalty

It is not uncommon in dentistry for doctors to pay up to $150 per person to attract a new patient via traditional marketing. When you consider your staffing costs, overhead and how big of a discount you must give because of insurance ... it’s easy to see that it often takes more than a single visit to generate a profit.

Unfortunately, studies show that the average loyalty rate for most medical and dental practices is declining

... which means that it’s safe to assume that the majority of patients who fall into the declining number are satisfied or unhappy with their experience - meaning they will leave for a better offer!

Also consider that 98% of unhappy medical consumers will never complain to you. They’ll visit only 1 time … but they’ll tell an average of 13 other people about their negative experience.

On the other hand, patients who have a positive experience tell an average of 5 other people. And they become a strong source of referrals for life (meaning you don’t have to pay outrageous marketing fees or feel like you’re begging for business).

But here’s an important distinction…

“Good” Is Not Good Enough (Not by a Long Shot)

Having a “good” experience is dramatically different than having an “excellent” experience.

Research shows that when rating satisfaction on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), customers who give you a “4” are 6 times more likely to defect than customers who give you a “5.”

Excellence is what makes you stand out. Excellence is what transforms patients into lifelong evangelists for your practice. Excellence is what will make your practice thrive in our new economy.

C4 Practice Services helps medical and dental professionals create vibrant experiences that wow patients. We teach our clients the best practices of customer experience that have been tested and fine-tuned by giants in the hospitality and entertainment industries. And then we help clients adapt and apply these principles to create exceptional experiences for their patients.

The result? Increased customer loyalty, more patient referrals, and steady income ... plus streamlining and systematizing of your management and administration. So you can spend more time with patients, delivering the exceptional service you’ve always dreamed of offering.

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This book has helped me to take what I have long admired about Disney, and use their principles to grow my practice!
Jarod Plitt, DMD, Miami Beach, FL
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"Whether someone is a fan of the mouse or not, there is no denying the efficiency and marketing prowess of the Disney corporate machine. They have a clear understanding of their target audience, their expectations, and how to not just meet, but exceed, those expectations. As a Disney Pass Holder I have long admired their systems and have read other business books about the Walt Disney Corporation, trying to find a way to make it practical to my dental office on Miami Beach. This is the first of those books I have read to give very clear, specific examples of how to apply these techniques throughout multiple phases of the patient experience. I found The Patient Experience: 4 Lessons from Disney to Dentistry to be an enjoyable read, one that has helped me take what I have long admired about Disney, and use their principles to grow my practice."

--- Jared Plitt, DMD, Miami Beach General Dentist

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