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There are 3 R’s in healthcare that every practice owner/manager better


What causes each of these to occur with consistency?

Practice Transitions; Vision to Reality

If you really want to learn something, you have to fully immerse yourself in the experience. That is what this is all about - then we make it happen inside your practice.

This process is one of the most impactful learning events you will ever participate in (watch the video, don’t take our word for it). You will have a completely customized experience that is centered on you and your practice. You will be amazed at what you learn and what is internalized during the process. You will also return to your practice with a completely different view of what is possible.

C4 has the incredible opportunity to be your coach through the process of transformation toward an Excellent Patient Experience. Through this intense 12 month process, you and your staff will completely transform the practice to provide an Excellent Patient Experience, testified by your patients and verified by your numbers!

It all starts with a practice analysis and data collection. Next, we immerse you in our most powerful individual transformative event called the Vision Quest. Then, over the next 10 month transformation period you and your team transform your practice.

Here is what is included:

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