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We realize that the most effective consultation programs are those done live and in person, because we do them and are very effective at what we do. We also understand that it is expensive to have someone working with you continually on-site. In today’s technological world, being on-site is no longer as necessary as it once was in order to get results. We have developed a way for you to have many of the benefits of a consultant while minimizing the costs associated with this process. We also designed the package to be customizable to your needs, allowing you to add services as you have the need.

So, what do you get?

Even though you can see the testimonials of what we do, you still may be skeptical that we can provide everything that we say we do, and it is of value. With that in mind we want to provide you with an opportunity to try us out for 30 days on us. That’s right, 30 days of everything we offer in the C4 Virtual Consulting Program above at no cost and with no credit card. Just complete the form below and we will contact you and get started. Near the end of the 30 day trial, we will contact you to see if you wish to continue. If so, we will collect a credit card and just keep providing service for $99/month or $1,150 per year if paid all at once. If not, we will ask you once via email to share why so that we can learn, and then quietly go away. There is everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, except patients!

All information is completely confidential and will not be sold or shared with anyone

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